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5 Areas Where Sex Saves You Money

It’s perhaps the best free activity in the world. But what makes it even better is that it’s not only free, but can save you up to four figures annually. Don’t believe me? Let’s go through each expense that sex can replace.

BEAR IN MIND: I’m NOT saying you should be a perv or a skank that sleeps around with everyone willing. Because STDs and an unplanned pregnancy can be very costly. What I’m recommending is being in a committed relationship and getting all of the adult fun out of it you can.

1. It Beats Date Nights

Lindsey Unterberger of Glamour magazine says that when she and her boyfriend left their apartment for a date night out, they always came back $100 poorer. To break it down, you spend $10 a head on movie tickets, $20 a piece on entrees at any nice restaurant which will probably charge an extra $3 for drinks and then you’ll have to leave at least a $10 tip, you’ve spent $76 already without even factoring in the gas consumption to get to any of these places.

Furthermore, when you go out on dates, you have to go out in public, which for most ladies requires a 2 hour minimum sojourn in the bathroom. Why not forgo all of the time and money expenses by staying in, watching some movie that gets both of you in the mood, and then get it on in bed? When you go out in public, the intimacy level that we like is kind of decreased. Public displays of affection are not exactly looked at favorably by all bystanders, there’s not much interaction you can have at a movie in theaters, and restaurants are kind of noisy too.

On top of all that, don’t we want to feel closer to our partners as the relationship moves forward? Don’t we want to fall more and more in love with each other every day that passes? The more you “get to work” on each other, the sooner you’ll learn to satisfy each other, which can be an incredible bond in the relationship. And Oxytocin, the bonding hormone, spikes up to five times it’s normal level when you get dirty with each other. Who needs that expensive weekend getaway to reconnect when all you got to do is play around at home?

Even if you’re partner isn’t “hall of fame” in bed, you can take satisfaction in the fact that you’re shielding yourself from the multitude of temptations in the consumer world.

2. Who Needs Sex Toys and Porn?

When guys are lonely and want some action, they have their porn sites, which cost about $30 a month. When girls are lonely and want action, they have their toys, which cost about $100 or so a piece. But the real sad part is that when you play with yourself, you kind of feel like a loser being all alone. It’s not only cheaper and more fun to actually do it with a real person, but makes you a lot happier in the process.

Another thing is that if you get caught having sex, it’s not really all that embarrassing. But if someone catches you touching yourself, then you’re in for a world of embarrassment and awkward interactions afterward.

3. Forget Weekly Therapy

Regular copulation helps relieve stress, research shows. Orgasms give you a high from serotonin that initiate feelings of satiety, which relieve stress as endorphins are released. Who needs those expensive massages? You’re less likely to be depressed if you get the intimate and loving action enough. Because the beauty of sex is that it makes us feel validated and like we’re approved of.

What’s even better is that if you like each other enough to have sex this often, you probably don’t need marriage counseling or other costly solutions to marital problems.

4. Save on Gym Membership and Yoga Classes

Getting naughty with each other increases blood flow to all organs. During a typical 45 minute play session, you could burn between 100 to 200 calories. Speaking of cardio health, taking in semen can lower your blood pressure, whether you take in orally or downstairs. And it’s good for the man as well, because ejaculation fights prostate cancer, as the chamber is being flushed and cleaned out.

So make sure you both take turns being on top and in control so you both can reap the work-out benefits.

5. Medication, Shmedication!

An orgasm can be a potent pain killer. For example, a G-spot orgasm can increase your threshold for pain by 40%. Professor Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University found that it can even go as high as 106%! Mainly, it’s because of the massive release of endorphins, but also because of oxytocin. Forget about those pain pills. And sleep aides? Well, sex also helps you sleep better at night too. Good sex wears you out, and releases hormones like prolactin, which makes sure you sleep soundly. Truth is that a lack of good sleep can cost you money. So you can cut all of that out by screwing.

Carnal activity also makes your immune system tougher because it raises levels of immunoglobulin-A as high as 30% more. Orgasms are actually very good for the brain and everything connected to it (which is everything!).

According to Real Beauty, hot nights on the couch can do great things for your skin and at no cost to you. Remember, sex increases blood circulation, sending more oxygen to your skin. That’s what gives you that “after sex glow.” More circulation also helps remove toxins from your system and even makes your lips look fuller. This will also help balance hormone levels that will keep acne under control.

And if you’re worried about aging, you have a good reason to get it on. Playing with each other boosts the production of collagen, which helps prevent age obviousness and skin sagging along with wrinkling. When you get all hot and sweaty, all the dirt and grime in your pores is expunged. This does wonders like facial masks.

Remember now, I’m not saying screw everything in sight. But if you’re in a relationship and you really like the person or love them, do it with them as often as possible. Your wallet and your privates will thank you.

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